torstai 1. joulukuuta 2011

WebLogic Server 12c launched

A quick summary of WebLogic 12c launch today

WebLogic Server 12c - version 12.1.1 was officially launched today. The plan is it will be downloadable on OTN next week.

WLS 12c is certified on Java Enterprise Edition 6, Full Profile meaning all the latest JEE6 standards and development improvements. WLS12c supports both Java SE 6 and SE 7.

In addition lot of architecture improvements (200+), to name a few:
*Improved Maven support
*Spring 3.0.x support
*Improved RAC support
*Improved Coherence support (integrated session replication and inbuilt admin tools)
*Built in Class Loading Analysis tool to analyze class loading and library conflicts
*Built in WLS diagnostic framework and JVM Flight Recorder (JRockit VM)
*Both JRockit and HotSpot JVM support
*Built in security optimizations (SSL,TLS)
*FastSwap for in-flight redeployment of classes without JVM restart or session changes to speed up deploy/debug cycle
*Support for GlassFish Deployment Descriptors to provide smooth migration from our OpenSource GlassFish application server to WebLogic Server platform

The c in 12c is for the Cloud, and lot of things are happening there, like using Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder to package WLS multitier installations into virtual appliances and redeploy them for deployment (OVAB is separately licensed product).

There is a new lightweight zip distribution, 168mb file without installer - just download, unzip and you are all set for JEE6 development.

Other FMW 12c products (SOA, WebCenter) will be available later Calendar Year 2012 on future release WLS 12.1.x

Eclipse 3.7 with Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse and NetBeans 7.1 support WLS 12c development right away. JDeveloper release supporting WLS 12c expected later in Calendar Year 2012.

There will be also WLS 11g patch set 5 - version release soon. This is an update of the 11g not to be confused with 12c.

Recorded material from the launch webcast is available at

WebLogic Server resources:
Developer Webcast Series:

Disclaimer: All information as it has been announced in public broadcast(s), as usual Oracle reserves the right to change any timing and deliverables

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